Written in an endless hot July, wishing.....

499 Words


When the Rains Came

Sitting lethargically in the oppressive heat we watched the clouds build up, boiling up, white, then grey, to black. The last rays of the sun reflected off the shiny slick of sweat on our skin before it was swallowed by the rising thunderheads and the air grew so thick and heavy that even the insects stopped their murmuring. We felt the faintest of breezes on our skin and with a sonorous crash of thunder the skies opened.

She squealed lightly as the first heavy drops hit her hot, bare skin and made dark marks on the thin sun-faded cotton of her dress. I looked as the thick crystal drops exploded against my own flesh, forming tight little droplets against the lotion on my tanned skin. As she hurried past me toward the door I grabbed her and pulled her on to my lap.

The heat still pulsed off her, but in the cool of the rain it felt good: she wriggled in the downpour as I sheltered under her.

"Lemme go!" she squealed, giggling and struggling, becoming wet and slick in my grasp, breaking free.

I caught her before she reached the door and swung her out across the slippery grass, out into the torrents of rain cascading down: I crouched, guarding her route to shelter, watching as the rain plastered her dress her and ran in rivulets down her long hair.

She feinted left and right but I was alive to her tricks, charged and alert with the electricity dancing in the air. "No shelter until you've paid the gatekeeper, " I grinned.

Her explosive dash to my left almost caught me out but a handful of her dress was all I needed to bring her skidding down, squealing as I caught her tight and tucked her under my arm.

"No gold medal for you, my dear, " I grinned as dragged her, deaf to her protests, over to the garden bench. "But there is a prize of sorts."

I had to wipe my own sodden hair out of my eyes to get a clear view of my target, full and lush. The relentless rain washed away the mud and grass stains from her kicking legs, but the two neat, round mud stains on her panties I could see as I removed them, looked pretty indelible.

She squeaked a bit as the rain pattered on her quivering bare bottom.

"I'll just help you a little with your tanning." Corny, but irresistible.

The spray flew off in sheets under my hand as I tried vigorously to warm her up. I smacked her through the struggling: I tanned her through the yelling and cussing: I chastised her through the implausible threats. In fact I spanked her right up to the improbable promises.

Finally we stumbled giggling out of the downpour and cuddled under the patio awning, watching the rain wash slowly out of the sky and the sun break through.

"Time to start making good on those promises," I whispered in her ear........


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