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Word Count = 382


New Term

Mr Evans wandered down the corridor listening to the fading sounds of the students pouring out of the building to grab the last of the September sunshine and remind themselves of the recently departed holidays. Personally, he loved being back. As Head of English in an academically respected establishment he felt his professional career was fulfilled.

Another, harsher, sound reached his ears: the sound, it seemed, of a paddle being vigorously applied in the traditional manner. He increased his pace a fraction and arrived at the classroom from which the sound appeared to be emanating just in time to meet Miss Martin, one of his more senior english staff, emerging in a state of high dudgeon.

His intended enquiries as to the crimes of the miscreant young lady he could see stretched over the desk were rendered unnecessary as Miss Martin animatedly waved a neatly written essay at him and screeched "Just look at this...outrageous.. ..unheard of.."

Mr Evans took the proffered document and examined the heading; "Autumn Term 1996 Assignment 1 Essay: What I Did in the Holidays"

"A most original assignment," he said drily.

He looked again at the student gathering her rumpled dignity together. "That's ..ah.. Lily isn't?"

"Indeed. Indeed." Miss Martin was at coherence minus ten and counting. "You know my views on standards, Mr Evans, and I know you'll back me up on this."

He murmured a non committal assenting sort of sound. It was true, he had impressed on all his staff the need for the highest possible standards and for them to use their best professional judgement in the maintenance of standards. He returned to the offending essay.

"During my summer vacation," it began, "I spent some time composing entries for the short story contest in the Internet newsgroup alt.sex.spanking....."

He looked up in some surprise at the outraged Miss Martin and she took back the papers between thumb and forefinger as if they bore some dread malady.

"You see! You see!" she bellowed and stalked off down the corridor.

Mr Evans sighed a deep sigh: oh, the burdens of management. As Head of Department he had to back his staff up in the exercise of their professional judgement in the matter of standards. But personally he'd thought that they were very good stories.....


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