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Images In a Fractured Mirror VIII

"Right, class, let's recap on the assignment." Miss Harrison addressed them crisply. Each pair has one optical instrument to examine: you are each to draw a clear diagram of your instrument, labelling each of the major components with a brief description of its function and showing clearly the light path, or paths, through it."

Miss Harrison was secretly afraid that she looked too young to command the respect of her pupils. Her reaction was the dark formal skirt and high necked white blouse; the hair drawn up into a severe looking bun; the sharp, no-nonsense manner. She might as well not have bothered: to a class of 15 year olds she was as old as the hills anyway. And as for presentational subtleties, their idea of subtlety was sniggering at the instruction to draw their instruments.

Chief among the sniggerers were Jamie and Max, two of those teachers nightmares, the bright-but-disaffected. And a dull, slow physics class on a hot and sunny Friday afternoon was calculated to bring out the worst in them.

After the obligatory five minutes of penis jokes they made a desultory attempt to examine the large astronomical telescope on the bench in front of them. Max grinned. "Keep an eye on starchy drawers" he muttered, fiddling with the reflector mount.

Miss Harrison was leaning over a bench at the far end of the lab discussing the finer points of a microscope with a couple of swots. "All clear," murmured Jamie.

Swiftly Max slipped the mirror out of its mount and swept a reflection of the afternoon sun along the floor, testing the focal length. Seconds later, Jennifer, a pudgy girl bent over the next bench leapt into the air with a resounding screech at the searing pain that erupted just below her ample knickers.

Max and Jamie sat, pictures of innocence, while Miss Harrison examined the angry red mark on the unfortunate Jennifer and decided it was an insect bite.

"And how are you two getting on?"

Max hastily shifted some books to conceal the dismounted mirror. There was a crunching sound of breaking glass.......

"Now class, as we have seen, mirrors have many applications. We will now use the knowledge we have gained from observation and experiment in a practical situation.
We place mirror 'A' here and we bend James over here, thus. Max is placed here facing James - bent over *if* you please, Max, - and Mirror 'B' goes behind Max.
Now, when I strike Max with this wooden yard-rule
*thus*....and similarly, if I apply the rule to James, like
*that*...clearly each can see the other directly. The question is, what can each see in the opposite mirror? I'll just run through that a couple more times......
....good, so we're agreed that each of them can see an infinite series of bottoms and red faces.....now who can show me how we should place a third mirror so that the rest of the class can share this fascinating sight......"


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