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Images In a Fractured Mirror VII


How long have I been drifting now? Days? An eternity.

Water's gone: it's only a matter of time, and precious little of that's left to me.'Water, water everywhere and not a drop..' - sounds so damn poetic when it's in a book and not swallowing you in its vastness. Deep blue seas? To me they're white hot steel: the glowing embers of my dying plane spread over the water molten under this pitiless sun.

So sorry I won't be coming back to you my darling, but I tried, oh I've tried, sweeping the horizon with my signalling hour after hour. Probably couldn't stop if I tried: this shard of mirror is stuck fast to my fingers with dried blood anyway..hanging on for you darling....


What's that you say? Lunch is ready? Yeh, OK I'll be in in a minute: got to get this tan perfect you know. What's the point of having a pool if you can't lounge by it?

OK, OK I'll BE there. What's this? Are bringing it out to me?

No, don't stand there, you're blocking the sun... OWWW! You little minx. You wouldn't dare do that again. OW! Like to play rough eh? Tell you what if you can get me to cry stop before that pretty little hand of yours gets sore then I'll come in for lunch *and* clear up afterwards...otherwise you can serve my lunch out here....wench.

Didn't hurt a bit..no..Ow that smarted a bit - but only a bit, my dear...no luck there...no...no..getting tired yet...no I won't call stop..no...no..


God, why couldn't have finished there, my mind and my body long parted, instead of back to this wretched rubber raft and the interminable slap..slap of the waves.

Hanging on for you darling...hanging on..



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