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Images In a Fractured Mirror VI

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

The sulphurous green fog in the mirror swirled and cleared in the middle to reveal a baleful face scowling out.

"I'm surprised, in the circumstances," it sniffed, "that you've got the nerve to come in here asking advice when you can't even be bothered to get *this* fixed." It emphasised the object of its annoyance by sending a puff of foul smelling smoke through the ugly crack which ran from a splintery impact point the whole way up the glass.

"It was your own fault for suggesting that lousy corset lace ploy, " the Queen snarled. "As a permanent solution, it had no staying power. My poisoned comb has done the trick though, surely."

"Oh, very well, " the mirror grumbled throwing itself into a trance: well, rolling its eyes up at any rate,

"Thou, Oh Queen are lovely indeed
If just a touch like your own royal steed,
But your home shopping service was an idea most lame,
And Snow White, the cutie , is the fairest again"

"Accck" spat the Queen, "she's so wholesome I want to puke. And besides it was a great cover 'Home-a-Comb Me callee, you buyee'. I could have won an award for that. So let's hear something better from you."

"Weell," said the mirror, "there's conditions. First I want a new glass..."

"Yes, yes, yes phone it in on my get on with it..."

"...and no throwing things if you muff it up again."

"Just gimme the details splinterchops or I'll have you recycled into toilet bowl glaze"

Some hours later the Queen, heavily disguised, was hurrying through the forest bearing her basket of deadly goods. No falling out combs this time: this way the poison would work its way in thoroughly. The Queen gloated.

Half an hour later she was a great deal less happy. The rain was pouring down, her clothes were soaking and her false nose was running. In fact it had run down below her chin and was drooping further by the minute.

She burst into a nearby cottage, severely startling the three bears seated around the table.

"That was dashed bad manners," grumbled Daddy Bear.

"She's dripping all over the floor," protested Mummy Bear.

"Naughty Lady," squeaked Baby Bear

"Shouldn't you be lying in front of a hearth somewhere?" snarled the Queen

Daddy Bear advanced threateningly. "If you weren't an old lady......"


The nose went independent.

"Check her gear, Mummy Bear, " said Daddy Bear, making a grab for the Queen. I think this character's entirely out of place here.

"She's a home hairdresser," exclaimed Mummy Bear, examining the contents of the basket. "There's shampoo and perm lotion and curlers and a dryer and a hairbrush..."

"How convenient," said Daddy Bear.............

Magic mirror, deeply cracked,
Watches as the Queen gets smacked
A shower of rain, a nasal run
Wreaks retribution on her bum....


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