Images In a Fractured Mirror IV

"Gee, I never knew physics could be so neat."

The speaker was standing on a packing crate, his eyes glued to a wobbly contraption of cardboard and sticking tape. "You mean it's only a couple of mirrors in here?"

"You just have to get them aligned properly"

The second boy, Paul, sounded nervous. They were in breach of the school rules by even being here, let alone...

Mike gave a low whistle. "Coooeee, you should see Jennifer's tits: they're monstrous." The periscope continued its slow traverse of the high window of the girl's changing room.

Down below the senior netball team were getting changed, the giggling and horseplay making a tantalising sight. A wave of jostling and larking about spread over to where Nikki, the team captain, was peering into a little hand mirror.

"Ow, be careful!"

The mirror was jogged out of her hands and broke in three on the hard floor.

As she squatted down to pick up the fragments, a flicker of movement in one of the shards caught her eye. She picked it up carefully, angling it around, obtaining a clear picture of the subtle intrusion going on above.

"Joy, Helen, Sally, come with me a moment would you. The rest of you make sure there are no more glass fragments on the floor."

Mike's attention was so rivetted on the group clustered below, that his first inkling of danger was the sight of Paul legging it away at a creditable turn of speed for a notorious games avoiding swot. The next moment Mike was swept off his perch and pinned to the ground.

"Peeping tom!"

"Dirty little pervert!"

Explanations were useless, not to say difficult to deliver with Sally sitting on his chest.

"Quick! Get him inside!"

Once inside Mike was stripped to the waist, his hands tied behind him with a pair of tights and Joy and Sally held him while the remainder of the girls held a whispered conference. He quivered as Nikki approached him menacingly.

"You've had your viewing fun, now it's our turn."

Mike struggled as she undid his belt and let his trousers fall.

"Get them off him."

His legs were lifted up and the trousers yanked off over his shoes.

"You want your clothes back, you run down there and get them."

Nikki indicated the other end of the room where Helen was standing. In between stood a line of girls, each with a carefully folded wet towel.

"And we wouldn't want you to run out on us too fast." With that she yanked his underpants down to his ankles."

The waiting girls burst out laughing.

"Baby balls....pencil dick..."

Nikki propelled him into the gauntlet and the room rang with the slap of wet towel on white flesh and the howls of Mike as he shuffled down the room.

"Toooo slow," called out Nikki. "That only redeems his tie. Send him down again, Helen, and see if he can howl loud enough to earn his vest back...."


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