And as the sun comes up and I fall asleep over my keyboard, over the western seas it's still Sunday night. So here's positively my last posting for SSC96

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Midnight Passing


The crashing twelveth stroke of the clock saw Cinderella tearing out of the palace. Her coachman was already beginning to look a little furry and a smell of ripe fruit filled the air.

Three a.m. saw Cinderella come staggering in through the scullery door to find a concerned Fairy Godmother pacing the kitchen floor.

"My dear, where have you been? 'Tis but two miles from the palace of the handsome prince"

Cinderella fixed her with a cold stare. Two miles only it might be, but when you have the choice of barefoot or hopping along on one glass slipper, two miles is a long, long way. Added to which her knickers were still liberally laced with pumpkin seeds despite her best efforts to clear them.

"Did you know that the palace clock isn't fitted with quarter chimes," she snapped. "How was I meant to know what the time was? Sundial?"

Cinderella was working up a good head of steam. "And what sort of cheapskate spells are you providing anyway, that can't even last one lousy evening?"

Fairy Godmother bristled with indignation, her professional dignity was deeply affronted. "I'll have you know that *some* fairies couldn't run to more than a pair of ruby slippers. If you insist on the whole deluxe package then the magic wears off that much faster. Spells don't grow on trees, you know."

She waved her wand about in agitation. "Look at it! I used up its entire capacity to provide you with that lovely dress and coach and all you do is complain. What sort of a life do you think I have running around after you. And do I get a word of thanks? No I do not!"

Cinderella broke off from her 'yeah yeah yeah boring' pantomime and stared aghast. "Used it all up? None left? I can't have any more new clothes? It's not fair, not fair, NOT FAIR."

Fairy Godmother gritted her teeth. "Pass me that teaspoon there will you, my dear"

Cinderella hurled it to the floor at her feet but it described a tight arc and flew up into Fairy Godmother's hand. "Little things don't need a wand," she said smugly.

"**** ***" said Cinderella

Fairy Godmother waved her wand and with a flash the teaspoon was transformed.

"I thought you said all the magic was used up, " squealed Cinderella.

"Off peak recharge," said Fairy Godmother, grimly, advancing paddle in hand.


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