A spanking story in the form of a love letter


A Love Letter

I love you.

I love the cascade of your hair tumbling freely: I love to touch it, to run it between my fingers and feel it against my skin. I caress it, stroke it, revealing the soft down in the nape of your neck.

I love your skin, soft against mine, shining with a delicate iridescence. I can feel the warmth, smell the fragrance, suffusing the air around you. Spice and vanilla, exotic and familiar: I breathe in your essence.

Can I run my hand over you? May I feel your flesh yield, see the small ripple run through you at my touch? My rough hands seem so coarse against your delicacy.

I love your scent: it is the perfume of life, vibrant and full, to take it in renews me.

Can you feel my breath on you as I come close to take in your fragrance? Down the curve of your spine, in the hollow of your back it gathers in pools, inviting me to dive in, to absorb myself in you. A touch of my lips, here and here: I can taste you on me.

I love your breathing; the gentle sighing, the deep controlled drawing and the wild joyous gasping. I love the gentle rise and fall of your shoulders as you settle down with me. I love the feel of your breath against my skin: warm, dark, from deep within you, rolling over me.

Can I draw you near me, hold you tight against me? As I grasp you and our bodies lock together I cannot resist caressing you, feeling the fullness that fills my hands, fills my life.

I love this togetherness, these times when we know each other, trust each other, give to each other. We lay aside the masks we show outside and reveal our innermost desires: in sharing our vulnerabilities we are armoured against the world.

Knowing I love you, how can I cause you pain: how can I strike when I should caress?

"Trust," you tell me: "give me the gift of your trust in me. Do I not know my own mind, my own body? You give me pain, not hurt, and you free me, heal me."

I love the trust you put in me and that love will flow even in the rivers of your tears.

I love you.


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