Just Got to Bear It

"You've been a very naughty boy and now it's time to take your punishment."

He hated it when she adopted that tone - nanny and schoolmarm rolled up into into a prim little package - but there was nothing he could do to put it off, so he just sat and wished for something, anything, to happen to distract her attention.

"I'm not surprised you've got nothing to say for yourself: excuses would only make it worse for you. Think yourself lucky you're not getting a taste of this!"

He stared dumbly at the the bar of soap she was holding threateningly in front of him. A momentary vision of the bathroom flashed before him: cold white tiles, the slow threatening drip of the tap, the slick slurping sound of soap being wetted and the coughing, howling and crying as the slimy soap bar is forced in and out of a protesting mouth. He shuddered imperceptably: it was just too revolting to contemplate.

She moved away and and began to examine a number of unpleasant objects.

"You've had this coming for a long time: I've been far too patient with you and you've just taken advantage. This time I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't forget in a hurry."

The waiting was the worst bit. He knew she was just playing with him: he wasn't expected to react, just sit there and wait for whatever she had in mind for him.

She picked up a short, thick strap and ran it over her palm menacingly. It wasn't a proper tawse, but it was still thick, supple leather and with the buckle grasped tightly in her hand the row of holes in the free end would leave a livid pattern on unprotected flesh. Nasty indeed if it was your rosy cheeks feeling it fall.

"I don't know why you just can't behave yourself. I don't enjoy this, you know!"

A hint of exasperation was evident in her voice: he'd heard these words trotted out before, and now here they were again, the same lectures, the same threats and sooner or later the same vigorous punishment. She was building up to it now.

"So, you don't seem to be able to mend your ways by yourself, so I'm going to give you reminder of what happens to naughty children. Let's have those shorts down , shall we?"

Stupid shorts. He hated wearing shorts, not that he was given any choice at any time, but certainly at a time like this he was always going to find himself stuck in shorts, all the easier to be taken out of them again.

He was unceremoniously turned around and a vigorous slap landed on the seat of his shorts with a loud 'thwop!', before they were yanked down and discarded. Pushed face down on the bed, he felt the breeze from the window stirring hairs and tickling: a gentle touch, in marked contrast to the slaps of the descending strap which followed.

"How does that feel, eh? Still feel like a little mischief?"

He'd borne the half dozen blows silently, if not motionless - in fact the force of the impacts had had him almost bouncing off the bed - and continued silence seemed to best, if not the only option. Her questions were, he judged, rhetorical.

"Still nothing to say, eh? No apologies? Perhaps this will loosen your tongue."

He heard the sound of a small, thin cane being whipped through the air. Nasty sound, hard and sharp. A positively dangerous sound with her wielding it - none of those light taps or sharp little stings that could be shrugged off, oh no. When she applied it, it was with every ounce of vigour she could muster, getting carried away, stroke on stroke. There was one infamous occasion when he'd needed stitches afterwards.

He cringed inwardly as he felt her building up to it, tapping at his upraised rear to get the measure: swiping it so close that the breeze of its passing rippled across him. Tap, tap again: he braced himself for the first cut...

"Susy! Come along down at once, your tea is on the table!"

She clattered downstairs, deliberately noisily, leaving Edward Bear lying on the bed reflecting on his narrow escape. In the battle of wills between Susy and her new governess, someone had to break. And he was afraid it was going to be him........


Originally posted 1st April 1999......

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