No I'm not going to explain it. Just forget it, OK?


Banking on an Agreement

"It is ...ahhh... an unusual condition..."

She looked at him coldly.

"But it is a very attractive rate I'm offering..."

Her expression of distaste deepened, but she didn't storm out in a rage, so he continued. "And I ...uhh...don't think you'll find many banks falling over themselves to lend you money on any terms..."

That brought a slight flush of colour to her cheeks, and seeing this he pressed home his advantage. "So we have an agreement? This little...favour return for my approving the loan."

She closed her eyes for a moment, and her nod was barely perceptible.

He hadn't been aware he'd been holding his breath, but when he released it the sigh was coloured with a grunting, animal anticipation. He licked his lips. "Shall we ...get it over with... now?"

With shaking hands he fumbled beneath the desk and brought out the cane. "Shall we say six to begin with ..and.. see how it goes? Oh ..and I want the right attitude with it: that's part of the deal!" .
There was a sharp cry of pain as the cane cut deep and hard, and again the same.

"You miserable slimy apology for a human being...." SWIP!!! THWAPP!!.."Fucking banks ...wouldn't lend you a fucking umbrella unless there was a heatwave on!"

Above the screeches of pain came his cry "safeword! safeword!"


"I'm sorry, Sir, all our sodding systems are busy at present: please try again later!" She hissed.......



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