[Written for the Subverse meeting 23/11/01]



"Just because I can," she said,
And I must agree; she could,
That being in the nature of our way,
Our bond; unspoken, understood.
And because she could, she might -
Not from venom, not from spite -
Maybe for a demonstration,
Maybe just for sheer elation,
Maybe for a public show.
Or just because she can, you know.

"I want to, that is all," she smiled,
Within that smile a hint of ice.
And though the reason stated's simple,
In our world it will suffice.
Wants she has, with which to tease,
Wants, and needs, to be appeased;
Wants to test and wants to bind,
Wants to probe the inner mind.
All these things she calls of me:
Just because she can, you see.

"Because I said so, that's enough,"
And that is all the reason stated.
Curt command or graven order
To be obeyed and not debated,
Though you might not wish to do
What she wants... demands .. of you;
Though you'd rather think about it
Do it now - no time to doubt it.
Put aside your fear and dread
And do it now, just as she said.

And then, no words at all to question
Just a gesture, just a look
Conveys it all by mere suggestion;
A summons in a finger's crook.

And that is all there is to it:
One to require; and one submit.


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