Waiting Void

Composed as a tribute to the Ladies of Subterrain, October 2004. The on-line part of Subterrain can be accessed through the link on the links page


Only a heartbeat unsteady and hollow;
Only the throb of blood in my ears;
Only the motes on the floor stirred by breathing
Witness the tension that's borne of my fears.

Held by the bindings, fastened securely;
Held where she wants me, buckled and fast;
Held in the bondage of willing devotion:
Least is the former and greatest the last.

Nothing to see with eyes closed and darkened;
Nothing to do but to wait for her touch;
Nothing to hope but the strength for endurance
To last her attentions I've craved for so much.

Now she comes to me, bearing her trophy;
Sharp heels tapping, marking her pace.
As she flexes her swagger I wait on her pleasure:
Time slows; my senses are suspended in space.

Hear the sharp whisper of air stirred to motion,
Feeling the kiss of the breeze on my skin;
Tensed for the moment when it takes her notion
That the time has now come for her works to begin.

It whips howling downwards in a blur speeding blindly,
Splitting the air in a furious arc.
Fire and razor twists hot searing anguish
Pain flames and billows, with nerves spitting sparks.

Lost in feelings,
Lost in my pain,
Lost in forever
I submit to her cane.


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