For the amusement of Madam E....


Tigress, Tigress burning bright
In the fetish clubs at night:
What impetuous hand or eye
Dares spark your ire & risk to die?

Tigress, Tigress burning bright
A-wearing of your costume slight:
Who for thought would not give pause
With your hand around his balls?
Awesome is to have such power
Or some would think, men to devour.

Tigress, Tigress burning bright
Knotting of the ropes so tight:
When in bondage all secure,
Arise some thoughts dark and impure,
Devils' whispers of temptation:
Worth the pain for the elation?

Tigress, Tigress burning bright
Meting out the depths and heights
Of individual pain and rack -
Loose the leash, pull in the slack.
Who knows what places they have been
With your claws upon their skin.

Tigress, Tigress burning bright
Demands obedience as of right:
Stalks on heels so sharp and black,
Leaves impressions on your back,
But further, as her games unwind,
Leaves impressions on your mind.

Tigress, Tigress burning bright,
So many way to give a fright:
Whips and clamps and wax and cane,
Hand and voice and candle flame;
But fire consumes all it before
And razes jungles to the floor....

Tigress, Tigress burning bright
How does one set your bush alight?


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