Untitled Poem


I see her at her graceful rest:
She moves so pale 'gainst sky-dark sheet.
My breath is held, I silent watch,
My very heart it dares not beat.

Langorous, soft, I feel I want
To take her, hold her to my breast
To feel her to mine longing flesh:
A crime t'would be to want her dressed.

See her as she's, rising, stretching
How can such grace hold wondrous power:
Reach for heav'ns my beauteous lady
Rise like a star or maiden flower

Were you dreaming as you drifted
Lady mine, of lands and loves
'Cross distant waters long traversing
Beyond purview of turtle doves

Rolls down her leg a sparkling drop -
Flings her sun sparked essence wide
Into the silent morning air:
Confetti falling from a bride.

Could I catch it, as it falleth
Take to that me which was of you
Stand beneath your dewdrops falling
Drink your dreams, absorb your thew.

How I long to let my fingers
Feel deep within your warm damp down
Hear your heart beat one with mine own
Wear your body like a gown.

But things such like may never be
Our love's 'gainst natures own design.
For you a royal, precious freedom
While I watch silent and repine.


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