Oh, just to avoid confusion..... ..the 'Point of View' alternates in this poem.
It's probably some sort of literary device, but I dunno about such things.



"A few short inches separate
My eyes from yours, on this our date
Where with optimism sure
-although I've been here oft before-
I tell myself he is the one
I've been awaiting all along."


"I'm sure she is alright for me
And once we've had a drink, or three,
We'll both be loosened up a bit
And start to laugh at feeble wit
As lovers do to demonstrate
Their understanding of their mate."

** **

"I wonder what he's really like
And if that noisy motorbike
Is really deeply part of him
Or if he bought it on a whim
To show the world he's not old yet
Or in staid, boring ways fast set.

I wonder what's his favourite food
And if it puts him in the mood
For candle'd dinners tete-a-tete
Whispered nothings, flirt and pet
And then to sit 'neath starry night
And gently kiss as lovers might."


"I wonder what she's really like
And if she likes red corsets tight
And stockings black, that make me slobber,
- or better yet be into rubber!
Playing games at an SM club,
Wear my collar, be my sub.

Or perhaps she's of another kind
And likes, round backs, her whip to wind
Perhaps she struts in shiny leather
Leads her slaves in chains and tether
Wields a crop, a whip, a cane
Feeds on sharp morsels of pain..."

** ** **

"I can see it in his eyes a while
A hidden, bubbling, fleeting smile:
Does he have a secret dark,
That gives his look that inner spark?
Would he think it quite a prank
My naughty botty hard to spank?

Put me over bended knee
Apply his hand mercilessly?
Or maybe I should do to him
Some similar exciting thing,
In a hot and breathless game
Of light-hearted erotic pain?"


"But this is just caricature
Of what I want: I'm not too sure.
Maybe a touch, a hand, a spank
Would be enough to give me thanks
For some small shared sensual bliss
From which may grow the lashes kiss.

Or even this is yet too much?
These strange fancies I must not touch.
But really what could be the harm
To air my thoughts and chance my arm?
But no..she'll only think I'm weird
A person not now loved, but feared.

** ** ** **

"I was reading just the other day
Of games that lovers sometimes play
That go beyond a playful smack
To regions dark, edgy and black
Where two may journey; and they must
Commit themselves with utter trust.

It makes me breathless at the thought
At being helpless for his sport
And yet be wholly sure that he
All my inner self will free.
And should he show submissions whim
I'd the same do unto him."


"Such fantasies but lead to pain
And so I should, I must, refrain
From thoughts of such cruel sensual lusts
For all such dreams are ash and dust:
Return now to this pleasant meal
And all my inner thoughts conceal.

We'll talk of gardening, plays, TV
Stick to what I clearly see.
'That's a nice dress, is it new?
Your hols were where? Oh, in Corfu.
How nice. I think I'll have lasagne'
..Comfort food to hide my anger
At myself for being vapid:
I hope the evening's passing's rapid."

- - - - - -

"We really must do this again."

"Yes we must: look, there's my train."

"You've got my number? I have yours."

"It's in my diary."

Then a pause
To check the cost that I've been billed
To squash my dreams, still unfulfilled......


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