No sun, pale gloom
No glorious afternoon
No shadows, no dusk, no proper time of day.
No singing bird
No laughter heard
No lingering children running at their play.

No passers by
No kites a-fly
No disturbance, wander where we may.
No worried glance.
No 'take a chance'
No keep it quiet - no inhibition
No startle, no unexpected exhibition.

No heated protest, no, not forlorn.
No running now, her posture mended
No dignity, yes all up-ended
No legs a-flailing, escape defended.

No rustling leaves, no sighing trees
No avoiding being across his knees
No gentle tapping - vigorous smacking
No muted twitching to hearty switching
No respite from that thunder despite
No more pale bot at all there in sight
No red set sun, just radiant bum.

No muted thanking for that spanking
No musn't giggle while hotly wriggle
No skipping home in frosty air
No sitting on any unpadded chair...,

No need to keep it all indoors
No house, but woods and fields and moors
No reason not to take it out
No reason not to play about
November ;-)

[with apologies to Thomas Hood :-) ]


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