Written in response to a suggestion - to write on the theme 'If you discovered a magic lamp where the (stingy!) genie gave only one wish, what would it be?'

On Summoning the Genie of One Wish


"Why have you summoned me from ancient sleep
Restless bound in chains of brass?
Guard your tongue, O Mortal man, lest you should weep
When heartfelt wish turns bitter ash.

Call on me now, fulfill your lust
For gold or power or mortal greeds
Formed you were from specks of dust
And earthbound dross fulfills your needs."

"What I desire, contemptuous sprite,
Will tax your powers to crack and break
Not bounded by the lusts of men,
But walk this day with Gods, would I.

That my mind should ceased be compassed round
With all the limits of my flesh
That this day I should be blessed to see
With a God's all seeing eye
That my hand should touch the stars but yet
With outstretched fingers feel the light
That my ears should hear the angels and
With all my heart sing back refrain.

I would swim in deepest oceans,
and know Leviathan's daily round.
I would ride the trade wind's billows,
learn where petrel's souls are found.
I would burn with salamanders
in depths where living jewels abound.
Water, air and earth and fire
- a merest taste of my desire.

I would walk the rainbow bridge, unlock the very vaults of heaven
Crystal, Hasala or Empyrean, be they three or nine or seven.
Dance the stars and bathe in sun-fire
Breathe on jewelled moons and mountains
Circ my brow with flecks of starlight
Drink at Eden's crystal fountain.

This my wish, chapter and verse -
I would know the Universe."

The Djinn shrank back with horror stricken
Creased of brow and thin of form:
Like the very thought did sicken
To do the deed he must perform.

"Please be sure" - he stretched his hand
"That this is your final word."
I knelt there calmly in the sand -
"Thus I spoke, and you have heard."

He touched my brow.

I felt elation.

My soul flew back to its creation.


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