Consuming Fancy

Personal dedication.... June 2004


"Tell me where is fancy bred the heart or in the head...?"
[The Merchant of Venice, Act III Scene 2]

Or by mischievous Nature strewed
upon our foundling infant spark,
to grow within us ‘til imbued
throughout our deepest process dark.

And such fancies as consume us,
peopled by fantastic myth.
In pursuit of wayward passions,
what have I to say but this:

Lady, my heart is but a lump of lead
awaiting form and sign cut sharp:
dullest dross without your moulding,
yearning for your impressed mark.

Struck hard, struck sure, the sign goes deep,
annexe me to your Lachesian mesh,
marked with your seal to carry with me
an impress struck on living flesh -
no longer willed of self and impulse
truly giving without measure:
heart and body, will and passion,
all stand waiting at your pleasure.

Ah, such fancy...such romancing....

Grant me this boon twice I beg you,
in your gracious, generous way
fix your mind to bid some trifle
to see how well I can repay.

Three times o'er I woulds't implore you -
Two times more my pleadings run
Seven pleas thus laid before you
Hearken to me - now all is done...


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