Commentary On Our Lives


In the distorting mirror lies
An image I don't recognise
That mocks my love, and twists with guile
And shows it up as something vile.

Condemned there at the people's bar
'Cause I inflicted one small scar.
I say 'inflicted', as if by force,
When it was something shared, of course.

A moment passing, sharp of pain,
But yet with so much thus to gain:
A growing trust in bond of flesh
Our love for life to bind and mesh.

Yet can we go our peaceful way,
Free to choose how we should play?
Must we conform to common taste,
Or see our lives and dreams laid waste?

Our lives' our own, do as we will
We cause no others harm or ill
But they take it as their business to
Parade us for a prurient view.

I just don't want news of the world,
But always in my face it's hurled
And every night upon the box
Roll images to tease and shock
- And by a carefully hinted link
Propose to us how we should think,
- And by an orchestrated fuss
We stand condemned, people like us.


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